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At ASEAN BAC Brunei, we are committed to driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration across the ASEAN region. Through our initiatives and programs, we aim to empower entrepreneurs, facilitate trade and investment, drive innovation, and promote sustainability.

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ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC)

Launched in April 2003, ASEAN-BAC was set up with the mandate to provide private sector feedback and guidance to boost ASEAN’s efforts towards economic integration.

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ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ABIS) 2021 is Southeast Asia’s premier annual forum that brings together the Heads of State, Presidents, Prime Ministers as well as business and thought leaders of ASEAN and its global partners.

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ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) 2021 Gala Night aims to recognise outstanding key enterprises that have contributed significantly to the ASEAN region.

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Brunei Economy Programme 2022

ASEAN BAC Brunei together with APEC BAC Brunei are hosting an annual Brunei Economy Programme that features a business series of discussions.

ASEAN Digital Credentials Platform (AKREDI) Legacy Project

Formerly known as ASEAN Digital Gateway and Travel Wallet (ADGTW).

HIRED Legacy Project

Harnessing Impact With Resilient Employability Digitally.


Outreach event on the ASEAN Trade Repository (ATR) and the ASEAN Solutions for Investments, Services and Trade (ASSIST) and Training Workshop on ASSIST for Brunei members of trade associations/business organizations and fellow entrepreneurs. 

ASEAN BAC 2022 Chairmanship Handover Ceremony

Official Handover Ceremony of ASEAN Business Advisory Council Chairmanship from Brunei to Cambodia

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