Legacy Project 2021

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Harnessing Impact With Resilient Employability Digitally

Strengthening the capacity of human capital in ASEAN to embrace digitalisation and the future of work through skills training and mentorship in the digital space.

Since 2015, ASEAN BAC has been rolling out legacy projects that incorporates a Private Public Partnership (PPP) every year that promotes human capital development and entrepreneurship. Under the Brunei Darussalam’s Chairmanship 2021, ASEAN BAC had been developing the ambitious legacy project titled “Harnessing Impact with Resilient Employability Digitally” or HIRED. This legacy project will play an important role in supporting the recovery of post COVID-19 pandemic through strengthening the capacity of workforce in ASEAN. This project is implemented in cooperation with the ASEAN Future Workforce Council (AFWC as the engine.

The shift in active use of digital technology is changing the realm of work in which ASEAN workforce needs to be equipped with the right skills tailored to industry demand and adapt to the digital environment. HIRED have embarked on business-to-business engagements for sharing experiences, discussing challenges and jointly working towards the future. This legacy project will also undertake in piloting a skills training program and dual mentorship through providing a virtual platform accessible to the workforce in ASEAN.

Goals of HIRED

Address skills gaps in ASEAN

Bridge skills within ASEAN

Stay relevant

Building an ecosystem

Enable ASEAN

Balance supply & demand of workforce

Upcoming Events 2021


Launch of HIRED

'Skills for a Digital Age' Virtual Roundtable under ABIS 2021


Pilot Project: Virtual Employer Workshop

Online Platform

UK International Education team, Department for International Trade and UK-ABC


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Chair of ASEAN BAC Legacy Project HIRED - YB Yanty Rahman, yantyrahman@gmail.com